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This is for you who are not afraid of giants.
For you that shows no respect for gravity.
For you that already traded your surfboard for a good story.
This is for you, bro.
Broou presents: Brooucast A surf forecast that goes beyond the ocean conditions. Now you will know where, when and who will be on your next surf session.
Less numbers, more design The surf forecast of the best peaks as you've never seen. A simple and easy interface, with less blah blah blah and more surf.
Surf beyond the ocean conditions The best surf is not only about the waves. That's why broou shows to you on which spot your brothers will go to, how the crowd will be and even the board you're using.
Start an event and invite your brothers. A chat where you and your brothers can match the surf session while accompanying the updated forecast of the spot.
Your weekly surf agenda With broou, you see the sessions you programmed and who was invited. So it is easy to know when you will go into the water again.
Fotos: Fred Cerdeira
All for free, bro. The app will be free, because we know that your money is already counted for the next surfboard. Then drop your email below to know when broou will be available in the App Store and Google play.